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Samatha's Story

I was diagnosed with type 1 just after my 30th birthday. I went to the doctor(a family friend) who did a finger test and urine sample then looked me square in the eye and said “you have type 1 diabetes, you’ll be on insulin for the rest of your life, shall I call your mum or dad?” Having a husband and 2 young children at home gave me a reason to get on board and start learning quickly, they’ve also been a good reason to stay healthy. Diabetes has given me a greater determination than I ever had to try new things and never let diabetes stop me. I am fortunate to be on a closed loop system which is incredible along with an amazing hospital teams at Kings in London, The diabetic community is an amazing force of inspiring, go getting people. I’ve been diabetic for 21 years now and new technologies are only making life easier

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1 Comment

Victoria picton
Victoria picton
Nov 23, 2023

Wow what a story, your words of determination are so inspiring what a wonderful way to look at it, I'll try to always remember that when our son Franklin (4) is Growing up lush to have you a part of here x

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