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Alfredo's Story

First of all, my name is Alfredo, Venezuelan residing in Orlando, Florida, 31 years old, Telecommunications Engineer, I lived in Santiago de Chile for two and a half years, and an amateur of the little things in life. I have T1 Diabetes at just a year and a half old, this December I will be 30 years old with this medical condition and a survivor of a diabetic coma where I was treated in a timely manner and completely recovered, debuting on Christmas Eve. Over time I have learned that discipline, the desire to live, and loving oneself opens up opportunities for us to face it and not fall on the first try. Thanks to the constant support of my family, doctors and loved ones, I have been very consistent in trying to have good values, even when part of my life the HbA1C did not exceed 9%, reaching 6% is a work of years. In sports I was dedicated to running (although for many years I was never a good athlete, especially the so-called team sports, but it was never an impediment to practicing it). In these strong times, may this support the idea of ​​fighting against the paradoxes that haunt a society where health care (supplies and treatment) is no longer State policy. There is still a lot to do, it is evident that life is too short to stop doing what we want, which is why LIVING is as important as anything else, more than obsessing and being a perfectionist. Caring about your health is something so vital, and I'm not talking about exercising like typical athletes or an exaggeratedly strict diet; It is a matter of discipline and maturity to manage the treatment, whether or not you have an insulin pump.

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Thank you so much for sharing my story. Good day for all.

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