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Icy and Dicey!!!


21km in 1 degree Celsius from Nailsea to Bristol City Centre with @laura2ward

I started the run with a blood sugar of 13.3mmols/l, ketones 0.4! This went up and then plummeted within 15minutes!

I had done everything I should of…I had eaten my lunch 5 hours before, put a sports mode on to set me to a higher glucose target and also eaten a snack 40minutes before the run!

So what happened?? The cold seemed to massively cause my sugars to plummet! I consumed @glucorx Torque gel and @dextroenergy_de juice and my sugars still read <2.8mmols/l

My sensor then got to cold to read my sugar and my blood glucose monitor was also too cold to take a manual blood sugar so I had to hope that I had recovered from my hypo.

Laura and I completed the run together dicing very slick, icy pavements and foot paths until we hit the beautiful city of Bristol (Brizzle)

We completed 21km and celebrated with an amazing feast at @cottobristol and tons of peppermint tea!

Let’s hope the next run is slightly warmer as yet again the cold has such an impact on diabetes management!

Until next time…peace,love and jelly babies!


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wow Go Chloe its so good watching your journey in training, you're such an inspiration to us all x


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