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Mynie's Story

I have had trouble with my health for many years. No one could figure out why. Always so.ething different. Eventually by chance, ot was discovered I have diabetes. Bit I was diagnosed with Type 2 although I was never overweight, had bad eating habits and I was always very active, as well as having high-paced jobs my ŵhole career. I was in a coma twice I 1 year, once for hypoglycemia and once going into DKA I eventually went to a diabetic clinic, and there my diagnosis were confirmed to be Type 1, as all the symptoms I had from childhood but I was never tested Now it is an ongoing battle everyday as complications have already occurred due to the non-diagnosis and then the wrong diagnosis Bad days are more than good days But promoting diabetic awareness has become one of my priorities now Staying healthy is of utmost importance Staying positive is crucial Everyone with diabetes are truly superheroes for tackling life and truly living it!

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